For tennis players, they expect on the performance of tennis court that will give comfort to the bones and joints of the players without compromising the speed of ball response, which is equally crucial.

We offer you floor finishing products with the most up-to-date technology and best quality for your tennis court i.e. SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System, with rubber coat integrated into ruber cushion system. It creates softer surface that will provide extra safety and comfort to the players.

In addition, we offer SigmaTurf® Acrylic Surfacing System, i.e. acrylic elastromeric based tennis court surface with excellent durability and consistent resistance to ultraviolet exposure and capability of preventing damage as a result of stagnant water and rainwater. Your tennis court will always be in excellent conditions.

(for comparison of SigmaTurf Rubber Cushion System with granite and asphalt, click here)


Outdoor tennis court frequently shows deterioration (damage) that must be repaired by the specialists. Hiring contractors without specialization in this field / sector may cause the court will damage again in a short time.

Cracking Fading
Holding Water Peeling

We have intensive experience and expertise in resurfacing, renovating or reconstructing tennis court. We can overcome various demage that will be further damaged unless resolved immediately.

With overlay method we will create beautiful durable and low maintenance court without dismantling/hotmixing/re-concreting necessity. This approach will significantly cut renovation costs and create the best, durable, low maintenance and GUARANTEED tennis court at once.

For minor cracks, exfoliation, mildew and floating water they can be dealt with resurfacing with plastic concrete to create flat surface and elimiate waterspots and your court will look new. For major cracks and bumpy surface, pre-leveling will be taken before resufacing.

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