Futsal Court Renovation

The development of futsal (indoor soccer) sport that is booming for more than a decade creates opportunities for businesses of futsal court rentals that are mushrooming in every city in Indonesia. Almost every futsal court is full of futsal lovers every day, giving futsal employers an attractive level of return and a relatively short BEP.

In general, after running for more than 2-3 years, the routine use of a futsal court begins to cause problems on the surfaces of the artificial turf courts, which usually occurs erosion or baldness. The difficulty in care of uncleanable lawn leads to moisture and odor on turf, which makes inconvenience to customers and critical futsal players. The risk of omission of a deteriorated court is losing customers who move to another futsal court.

In replacing futsal flooring, futsal owners can choose to use back the lawn or use other alternatives. One of the options in replacing the futsal court is using a rubber flooring product, usually called rubber cushion, which is the high elongation rubber flooring surface. The SigmaTurf Rubber Cushion System technology provides resistance to intense friction on the court surface so it is not easily damaged and is durable (up to 10 years). Besides, a rubber cushion court is also maintenance free and easy to clean.

When you want to renew it after prolonged use of a court, repainting at an economical cost will make the futsal court look like new.

PT Texmura can renovate your futsal court at an affordable cost (low cost), and with reliable quality (quality assurance). You can fix the futsal court by replacing the old turf with the new one or using SigmaTurf Rubber Cushion System. We will create a wonderful, durable, low-maintenance and GUARANTEED futsal court.

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