Sport Court Renovation

Sport courts often show deterioration that cannot be treated "carelessly", because when they are handled by contractors with no specialization in this field, the risk that often occurs is the degraded courts will soon deteriorate.

We have experience and expertise in performing resurfacing, renovation or reconstruction to address the problems that commonly arise in the surfaces of sport courts, such as mushrooming, paint color fading, cracking, peeling, stagnant water and a variety of other problems that can make the court conditions worse if not immediately addressed.

The technique that we use to repair the deteriorated court surfaces is resurfacing using the Rubber Cushion System or the Acrylic Surfacing System for re-leveling court surfaces, eliminating watersports, while creating a new look into the court. As for severe deterioration, pre-leveling work can be done before resurfacing.

We can create a wonderful, durable and low-maintenance sport court without the need to be demolished/hot-mixed/re-casted, thus reducing repair costs significantly, while creating the best, durable, low-maintenance and GUARANTEED tennis courts.

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