The owners or managers of swimming pool are always annoyed with splash water/overflow water on the poolside. This will cause splippery surface, if it is not equipped with surface traction. This conditions can endanger swimming pool users, especially children who love running along poolsides.

We offer you floor finishing products with the most up-to-date technology and best quality for your poolside i.e. SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System, Or SigmaTurf®Acrylic Surfacing System.

SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System which has an anti-slip feature is suitable to be applied on the pool patio, thereby preventing adults and children across the wet area to not slip and fall.

Alternatively, we offer other materials i.e. Wooden Pooldeck and Pattern Concrete which are also suitable for application in poolside.

Contact us to improve the safety and aesthetic values of your swimming pools and your clients.