Synthetic grass is material made of plastic and normally used for futsal court in Indonesia. We offer products and installation secvice for high quality synthetic grass laying to support anyone who has desire to make investments in futsal court sector.

Two (2) types of synthetic grass, i.e. :

  1. Monofilament
    Monofilament is a synthetic futsal grass with thin sheet structure and smaller width.

  2. Fibrilated
    Fibrilated is futsal grass with rough and thick grass structure.

Features and Benefits Synthetic Grass

  • Have UV resistant coat and UV stabilizer. It can be also used for outdoor futsal courts.
  • Have strong lower coat made of fibres, net and composite.
  • Use sand and rubber materials.
  • Combined two colors of grass, i.e. light and dark greens.

Contac us to get information and consultation on types of synthetic grass most suitable to your criteria.