SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System is a multi - layer cushion system made of rubber applied to concrete / bitumen surface to provide an extra comfort for the users of both indoor and outdoor sport courts, particularly for application in outdoor courts.

The surface is specifically designed in a manner that will provide high durability to meet the tight criteria of various international
schools, sport clubs, and commercial sport courts for routine and intensive use.

SigmaTurf® Features & Benefits:

  • Exellent Durability
  • Low maintaince
  • No cracking and peeling
  • Specially formulated patch and leveler
  • Resilient
  • Drainage
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Shock Absorption
  • Anti Slip
  • Multi Colour
  • UV Resistant
  • Excellent Waterproofing

Some Features and Benefits Offered by SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System:

  • Reduce Injury Risks
    • The materials SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System are made of soft elastic rubber materials as shock absorber, to reduce pressure and Possibility of back, knees, heels and ankles injuries.
    • SigmaTurf surface has anti-skidding feature (surface traction) that will cut the risks of players from slipping or falling.

  • The Latest Technology
    SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System manages to integrate Acrylic Polymer and rubber granules with concrete/asphalt surface, to create the best court surface with equally distributed strenghts in whole area.
    With the adoption of SigmaTurf® Surfacing System technology, your outdoor courts will be specifically designed so that the runoff of rainwater can freely drain. You will be free from stagnant water, cracked, stripped and shrinked problems on surface of your courts.

  • Eye-Catching Appearance with Durable Quality
    For outdoor courts, the top coat of SigmaTurf® is made of Arcylic elastromeric material that will provide strong resistant against ultraviolet exposure and rainwater. This coat is also as an abrasion resistant that will extend the life of the court and prevent cracks to the concrete. We offer a wide variety of colors to ensure beautiful appearance that can be customized to your preference with sustained capability for many years.

  • The Best Choice
    Low cost, quality assurance coupled with low maintenance are 3 primary benefits which make SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System as the best choice in Indonesia today.
    SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System is the most economic and profitable choice. For futsal court, SigmaTurf® can replace the use of synthetic / artificial grass for SigmaTurf® has many advantages that ensure you to choose the best . (click here to see the comparison of SigmaTurf® and other alternatives click here).

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