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Interlock Polypropylene

Interlock is court floor made of PP plastic that can be installed in portable or permanent ways according to the needs. This floor can be the alternative for futsal court.

Nowadays the use of interlock floor for futsal and indoor soccer is very popular among their players and other fans. Interlock floor has been used during futsal matches in SEA Games XXVI in November 2011 in Palembang and PON XVIII 2012 in Riau.

Interlock floor is available for indoor or outdoor use. Installation of interlock floor has modular system that can be directly laid over a flat surface such as asphalt, concrete, ceramics, etc. Its shape resembles ceramic tile, size 25 x 25 cm with 1.25 cm thickness, in several color options i.e. blue, green, red, yellow and orange.

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