Multicourt is a court that combines several types of sports in a single floor in order to optimize the use of sport field in a school/sport center. You can build this multicourt for several sport combinations such as badminton, basketball, futsal and tennis.

Multicourt has many advantages, not only to maximize the use of field but also to save construction costs. We offer floor finishing products with the most advanced technology and best quality for indoor or outdoor futsal courts, i.e. SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System and SigmaTurf® Acrylic Surfacing System.

For damaged court requiring renovation/rehabilitation, we can turn preceding court either indoor or outdoor into a multicourt. With resurfacing method, we will renovate the court without disassembling/hotmixing/re-concreting necessity. This approach will significantly cut renovation costsand create a good-looking, durable, low maintanance and GUARANTEED multicourt at once.

Multicourt are popular in Indonesia nowadays especially in national and international schools scope. The most common and popular one is basketball court combines with futsal court on one floor.

The layout of lines in multicourt will be cautiously designed to prevent too close or overlap line markings. The game lines are distinguished with different colors for each sport, such as white, yellow, blue, green and black. Contact us to get information and consultation about the combination of courts according to your criteria, in order to realize your ideal multifunction court.

Contact us for information and consultation on the field combinations that match your criteria in order to be able to immediately realize the ideal multifunctional field.