PT Texmura is a Sport Court Contractor specialized on construction services of Sport Court facilities, which include tennis courts, basketball courts, futsal courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts , and multifunctional courts. PT Texmura is ready to help you realize the most ideal sport court at an affordable cost. Products and services we offer are special products for surfacing sport facilities along with on-site installation services, specializing in rubber material, which is called SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System featuring cushion to absorb impact, and anti-slip features for non-skid surface.

Our products can be applied for both indoor courts and outdoor courts, because the SigmaTurf® Court Surfacing technology has strong resistance to ultraviolet light and rain water. We are a low-cost provider because the technology we have is adopted from foreign technology, but is full of local material contents, so that our clients can save money while enjoying quality sport courts at an economical price. We also provide sport court renovation/repair services for tennis courts, badminton courts, futsal courts, basketball courts, volleyball courts and multifunctional courts with the latest methods without the need for demolition Contact us to get cost estimates.

  • PT Texmura is a futsal court contractor that can help you futsal employers, to immediately realize your futsal businesses at an affordable budget with the SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System .

  • PT Texmura is a Sport Court Contractor specialized on tennis court facility construction with an extensive experience, particularly in construction and renovation of tennis courts; we assure that we can fix your tennis courts, whatever the conditions are.

  • PT Texmura, as a basketball court contractor is ready to help you realize a basketball court that suits your criteria. With a SigmaTurf® Acrylic System, surface layer, we can immediately present the basketball court that you desire.

We renovate damaged court like new, see figures below, we show some examples of the court before it was remodeled and renovated.
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