For the last decade, Indonesia records "booming" futsal. This phenomenon creates lucrative business opportunities for responsive entrepreneurs. PT. Texmura can help you actualize your desire to be a futsal court buisinessman at affordable price.

We offer floor finishing products with the most up-to-date technology and best quality for futsal courts, i.e. SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System This state-of-the-art floor finishing has shock-absorber feature to reduce pressure and the possibility of backs, knees, heels and ankles injuries.

Special for outdoor futsal courts, we offer SigmaTurf®Acrylic Surfacing System with top coat made of acrylic elastomeric silica compound, which will give strong resistance against ultraviolet and rainwater and create an abrasion resistant and anti-fungus surface. Various color options will give aesthetic touch which will remain in prime conditions for many years.

We also provide other materials for your futsal courts, such as synthetic grass, interlock, vinyl, dan wooden parquets which are very suitable for application in indoor futsal floor. ( click to know the comparison of SigmaTurf® dengan rumput sintetis, interlock dan vinyl ) .

Renovating / Replacing Syntetic Grass Floor with Rubber Cushion

For futsal courts that have been operating for more than 3 years, they will experience "bald" spots over the synthetic grass surface. Perhaps it is the right moment to consider replacing such synthetic grass with stronger and repairable rubber coat so that new investment will be unnecessary. With the technology from SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System which is a "high elongation rubber flooring", it will create an intensive abrasion resitant surface. After years of operation when the surface starts to tear, simply with overlay you will have "new" futsal courts.

Dengan teknologi dari SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System yang merupakan permukaan "high elongation rubber flooring" (lantai karet dengan elastisitas tinggi), memberikan daya tahan terhadap gesekan intensif dimana apabila setelah pemakaian menahun permukaan menjadi aus, cukup dilakukan overlay (dilapis ulang) dan lapangan futsal akan terlihat seperti baru kembali.

Constructing Futsal Courts along with the Supporting Building and Facilities

If you want to develop new futsal facility, and you expect for faster BEP with relatively more affordable investments, we offer you an Economic Futsal Investment Package..

Contact us for information and consultation on the type of flooring that fit your criteria in order to quickly realize your business futsal.