For basketball fans, security level in playing will be the most important thing because this sport involves running and jumping activities in high intensity. Basket players are vulnerable to joint, back and knee injuries. Special court surface with capability of absorbing pressure when jumping or falling is indispensable.

We offer floor finishing products with the most up-to-date technology and best quality for basketball courts, i.e. SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System This state-of-the-art floor finishing has shock-absorber feature to reduce pressure and possibility of backs, knees, heels and ankles injuries.

If you are, the managers of schools, hotels, apartments or sport centers who are looking for the most suitable materials for devoloping new fields or renovating the damaged or cracked surface of the existing outdoor basket court, SigmaTurf® Rubber Cushion System or SigmaTurf® Acrylic Surfacing System will be the most appropriate choice to solve your problems permanently.

The top coat of SigmaTurf® made of acrylic elastomeric silica compound will provide strong resistance against ultraviolet and rainwater and create an abrasion resistant and anti-fungus surface. Various color options will give aesthetic touch which will remain in prime condition for many years.

Alternatively, we also provide other materials for your basketball courts such as vinyl and wooden parquets which are suitable for floors of indoor basketball courts.

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